Murree tragedy: any questions?

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A quick reaction to a catastrophe and then a long sleeping pattern until hit by another catastrophe, will continue to hurt us as a country. 

Disasters are avoided by updating robust systems, constant monitoring, SOPs, reactivity and preparedness for disasters. All of this was evident to be lacking during the Murree incident, which resulted at the loss of 23 people trapped in snow-covered vehicles.

Question. What is more dangerous than a catastrophe? The answer to this. The United States hasn’t updated its response to events for quite a while. The most basic security measures implemented of the local authorities and tourists could have stopped an escape on a weekend, which turned into an icy death-trap.

How? ‘Or’ What? Answering the right questions can be the very first thing in avoid a similar catastrophe in the near future. What made the local government remain silent for a whole week before the situation to get into chaos? What was the reason for five or January weather alerts from the Met Office that heavy snowfall could result in road closings within Murree, Galiyat, Nathiagali, Kaghan and Naran went not received by the public and families? In light of the bleak forecast for weather, why did not authorities advise families to stay away from making plans to take a weekend trip for the hills?

Mountain stations are limited in capacity. With Murree only being able to house approximately 4000 cars at any given time So, why was the influx of vehicles allowed to remain? The local government has been shocked by the many officials. The question is, what is the biggest surprise? Murree gets snowfall each year and tourists endure long, uncomfortable traffic jams whenever the volume of cars that pass through the station exceeds the capacity of the station by a number of times. This time, it is only the severity of the problem has reached a point of no return.

It’s heartbreaking to see how Hotel owners in the area have profited by causing the suffering of tourists by increasing the cost of accommodation and food. Should we be taught the ethics of professional conduct? Work ethic? Each year, videos go viral on social media showing the way that seasonal business owners take advantage of visitors in the city of Murree. When will these businesses be controlled? Hosts trained and tamed?

For those who travel, the most important tip to keep in mind when getting stuck is to ensure you don’t get into the car while the heater is turned on. If the storm is getting severe and you need to sleep the drivers and passengers might consider it a good idea to sleep in their car. This could lead to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not sleep in a parking vehicle that has an engine running. The car’s exhaust that is clogged with snow can flood the vehicle’s insides with carbon monoxide. This is which is odorless and difficult to detect gas. The winter and snow tires should be used on snow to ensure steady road grip. In addition, the government can utilize trackers on automobiles and convert congested areas to an open drive-thru for tourists to go in and out in a predetermined time. This can help avoid long traffic jams along the roads.

If you are experiencing an icy storm, stay inside the vehicle! If you go out of the vehicle, you’ll quickly be lost in the wind-driven snow and freezing cold. The engine should be running for approximately 10 minutes every hour to warmth. Keep your eyes open to rescuers. If you are trapped inside a vehicle make sure to keep the windows slightly lower while the heater is running to keep the oxygen level within the vehicle.

The survival kit for snowfall includes an Ice scraper and windshield defroster, as well as jumper cables for the case where the vehicle can’t start itself on its own warm clothes, blankets and flashlights. poached. Also, there must be food and water available within the vehicle’s back vehicle in the event of an emergency and the fuel tank must always be fully stocked. These precautions are vital.

As we begin the new year, we need to take advantage of technology to assess our capabilities and plan plans for responding to a disaster. Without the proper tools, information and the willingness to embrace innovative solutions to the emerging challenges, the local government are likely to continue being shocked by the unavoidable! If they act quickly they could help save lives, properties and their image as a tourist destination.

The article was published within The Express Tribune, January 15 and 2022.

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